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Whether your equipment requires monthly filter changes or just yearly clean and checks, Standard Heating & Cooling will design a maintenance agreement that will provide the level of service you need. We also provide flexible payment plans.

Benefits of Maintenance

Most people have their car tuned up and the oil changed on a regular basis to increase gas mileage and reduce costly repairs. The same holds true for any residential and commercial heating and cooling systems. Heating and cooling equipment life can be extended by 20% to 30% by having proper maintenance performed.  You can count on lower utility bills, longer life and reliability from your heating and cooling system and safer operation by having your heating and cooling system properly maintained.

Here are some facts from national studies of how having proper maintenance performed on your heating and cooling system will increase your energy savings and equipment reliability.

For more information on Commercial Maintenance Programs, call Standard Heating & Cooling today to schedule your on-site review.